Why and How I Became a Professional Photographer


I became a professional photographer after experiencing the most amazing and fun way to have our photos taken with my family. I always thought photography was a strictly in-studio thing until one day, a photographer acquaintance asked if I would like our family photo taken by her for a certain price. Initially, I agreed to help support her, not expecting much. What an amazing experience! Both the day of the shoot and receiving the photos were fantastic.

Before this, my experiences with professional photographers were less than ideal. I had to pay a photoshoot fee and then pay more for each photo I wanted to keep, and I didn’t like that. Additionally, I had never had an outdoor photography session; it was always an in-studio experience. This new approach opened my eyes to the beauty and joy of outdoor family photo sessions.

After that incredible session, I decided to have a family photo session with a professional photographer every year. I made beautiful photo books, Christmas cards, and printed photos for our home, either on canvas or in frames, from these annual sessions.

As my family grew older and started getting married and leaving the house, they began asking me to do their photo sessions. With my DSLR camera and background as a graphic designer, creativity and composition came naturally to me, and I quickly became good at it. More people began asking me to photograph their families, which I was passionate about. I took classes and developed a style that really resonated with me. I also invested in more gear, cameras, and lenses, which allowed me to improve the quality of the photos I delivered.

Though I still work as a graphic designer, my passion lies in capturing what lasts forever: families. Photos are the most precious treasures we have, and I am honored to be able to create lasting memories for others.

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photo cathy lamborelle


I’m Cathy and I love capturing precious moments for precious persons.

I am a portrait photographer who believes in meaningful lasting memories.

My style is capturing people’s connection in a natural environment.Β 


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