5 reasons why photography is like coaching

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Portrait photography and coaching might seem like unrelated fields, but they share some intriguing similarities. Both practices involve working closely with individuals to bring out their best, whether through images or personal development. In this article, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why portrait photography is remarkably similar to coaching.

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1. Uncovering Authenticit

2. Effective Communication

3. Empowerment Through Feedback

4. Setting Goals and Creating a Vision

6. Facilitating Transformation

1. Uncovering Authenticity

  • Coaching often revolves around helping individuals discover their true selves and potential. Similarly, portrait photography seeks to reveal the authentic essence of the subject. Just as a coach guides their client towards self-realization, a skilled portrait photographer coaxes out the subject’s genuine personality, creating images that capture their true self.

2. Effective Communication

  • Both portrait photographers and coaches require strong communication skills. Coaches need to ask insightful questions, provide guidance, and actively listen to their clients. In portrait photography, effective communication is crucial to direct subjects, create a comfortable atmosphere, and understand their vision for the shoot.

3. Empowerment Through Feedback

  • Coaches empower their clients by offering constructive feedback and guidance. Portrait photographers, too, can empower their subjects by providing feedback on poses, expressions, and overall appearance. Positive and constructive feedback can boost a subject’s confidence and self-image, much like coaching can enhance an individual’s self-esteem.

4. Setting Goals and Creating a Vision

  • Coaching often involves setting goals and creating a vision for the future. In portrait photography, photographers and subjects collaborate to envision the desired outcome of the session. Setting clear objectives for the photoshoot, such as the mood, style, and message to convey, is akin to goal-setting in coaching.

5. Facilitating Transformation

  • Coaches guide individuals through a transformative process, helping them become the best version of themselves. Similarly, portrait photographers facilitate transformation by capturing moments of personal growth, change, or milestones. A series of portraits over time can document an individual’s journey and development, similar to how a coaching process tracks progress.

Portrait photography and coaching may operate in different domains, but they share common principles. Both are focused on revealing authenticity, effective communication, empowerment, goal-setting, and facilitating personal transformation. Whether you’re in front of the camera as a subject or behind it as a photographer, remember that the essence of portrait photography and coaching lies in their ability to help individuals discover, express, and transform themselves.

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